About Us

Gamecock Moving, LLC

Locally owned and managed since 2017. Our name may be new but our employees are clean-cut, experienced men. We offer competitive prices, necessary moving supplies, and most importantly we will treat your belongings as if they were our own! We strive to surpass expectations so no hidden charges, no deposit required, no rounding up, no smoke breaks just efficient moving with smiling faces. Leave the heavy lifting to us and see why we're the best in Columbia!

Locally owned and operated by:
Dominic Macioce

Growing up as a military kid moving has always been a part of my life. After graduating from Clemson University I found myself moving again, this time as an employee for Tiger Moving. Over the years I learned the in's and out's of moving, earning management positions in various departments. With industry knowledge and a lifetime of moving experience I decided to put my own touch on moving and erase negative stigmas associated with the industry. I look forward to serving the Midlands and developing lifelong relationships with my neighbors here in Columbia.

Marketing Director: Micah

After graduating from USC with a degree in advertising, Micah has worked on production projects for AC Roma and interned with Infinity Marketing in Greenville. Similar to his brother, Zach, luscious locks are hereditary in the Klein family. You can typically see them flow on the field of any sport, or spectating in the stands of Williams-Brice. Despite a witness, Micah claims to be able to jump three feet high. If he's not traveling the states then you can typically find him surrounded by family and friends at his favorite restaurants.

Supervisor: Evan

Along with Kevin and myself, Evan helped establish Tiger Moving as the best moving company in the Upstate and was quickly deemed the hardest worker amongst our peers. Evan habitually strives for perfection which can usually be seen through his monkey like tendencies in the moving truck. Outside of moving, Evan stays active biking through traffic, long boarding around campus, and developing his dream of self-sustainable travel. He's also notorious for playing music while working- anything from Frank Sinatra to Bob Marley, or even mariachi bands no one has ever heard of. He'll be the first to pet your dog and usually complicates lunch due to his vegan lifestyle.

Supervisor: Kevin

Originally from New Jersey, Kevin studies Economics at Clemson University with plans to pursue financial management following graduation. With over 5 years of industry experience, Kevin organized and established Tiger Moving's 5 star reputation primarily on Dunkin' Doughnuts and Chic-fil-a biscuits. On his days off you can attempt to reach him but tropical islands are notorious for bad cell service. If he looks tired it's because his dog, Rigby, hogged the bed last night. True to his Italian heritage, Kev's hair is always manicured - even after a 10 hour move in the middle of summer. Don't let his size fool you, he loves furniture.

Supervisor: Brayden

Born and raised in Greenville, Brayden is currently working on a Computer Information Systems degree at USC. As a lifelong Gamecock, he's quick to remind the Clemson guys about the 5 peat in football. We call him "Young Trebek" for his witty knowledge on virtually any subject. Outside of work you can catch him hiking to scenic views or breezing by people on the pitch.

Supervisor: Bill

Bill has been a part of Gamecock Moving since our first move and is currently in his final year of law school at the University of South Carolina. In his free time he claims victory while pwning noobs on Fortnite, and savors laying down sweet, sweet music on the guitar. Even Slash can't touch this guy! Don't let the large shirt fool you, weights roll out of Strom in fear when Bill approaches. Rumor has it he once bear hugged a washer down from a third story apartment while humming Nicki Minaj's new album - cause sometimes you gotta be Beauty and a Beast.

Manager: Zach

Zach is no stranger to booking moves. Whether you're dealing with a same day closing, or a simple apartment move, he can always provide you with a smooth booking process. Zach is newly married and can usually be found discovering the best food in town. In his spare time he deadlifts cars & produces music in his home studio. His luscious locks are comparable to that of Thor's.

Mover: Griffin

Griffin is a current student at USC and an active member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. A native from Columbia, he went to AC Flora high school where he dominated in football and lacrosse. He is studying accounting and plans to attend the USC School of Law after undergrad. On moves he's quick to grab the heaviest item, so clients' love him. We're usually envious when he picks up multiple boxes at a time.