Improper packing of furniture

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I have contacted this business in regards to my current items in a pod. I have alerted this company that my pillows are tightly wrapped with saran wrap and forced like a pancake. This company refuses to come out to rectify the situation. I was instructed to wait until the pack out. I notified Graceland this could be another 4 months or so. I spoke with Graceland on two occasions about this . He said he also spoke with the owner. They are wanting to charge me to come out to my home to unpack my new large furniture pillows which are likely ruined. I have never heard of such things. We pack something up wrong, and now we need to charge you so we can come back out and fix it. Graceland states the owner will contact me. I also plan to file a consumer complaint against this company and move forward with any further actions. You can’t just pack up things improperly and then inconvenience the consumer to ameliorate the situation.

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