Super Heros, Montay, Chris, and Matt!

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Gamecock Moving gets all the stars I have to give! They did excellent work on a sometimes challenging job packing a POD. The movers were: Montay Row, Chris Reeves, and Matt Jacobs. They arrived early and ready to work on the hottest day of the summer (July 29, 2021). They were friendly and hard-working, but they were also open to ideas and coaching from my adult daughter and myself. The challenge for this particular move was that there was likely too much stuff for the POD, and it had to be packed very carefully because it was going all the way from Columbia to Chicago. So, it needed to be packed as tightly as possible so that everything would fit, and so that things didn’t jostle around and get damaged. It was really doubtful whether everything would fit, but these guys would not stop until it was done. They worked so hard packing and repacking that POD so that there was no extra space anywhere. They even took apart a giant metal shelf when it looked like it might not fit as is. They got it all in there! No one could believe it! They never gave up.

Toward the end of the move there was a challenge with taking apart my bed – the dreaded stripped screws! (Stripped by the last person to put together the bed – not these guys.) Well, these guys did not lose patience, did not give up, did not blame one another — they just kept working until they resolved the issue. Their “can-do” positive attitude was so refreshing to see! Call these guys to do your move. Request Montay, Chris, and Matt! You won’t regret it!

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